Milk River Angus

The Milk River Angus Sale started in 1997 when breeders from North Central Montana joined forces to create a performance test bull sale. The founding breeders included: E-7 Angus, Master Angus, Tiger Ridge Angus, DH Registered Angus, Nissen Angus, Ira Hall, West Fork Angus, KelMcC Angus, Milk River Genetics, Hould Angus Ranch, Heart R Angus Ranch and Cornell Angus.

The inaugural sale featured 100 bulls. The breeders involved offered their top end bulls. As they are now, the bulls were all fed together at Hould Feedlot in Malta. The location of the sale  has always been in Chinook at Bear Paw Livestock.

The first several years kept the sale as a performance test sale with awards for high gaining bulls and high WDA. While those records are kept it is no longer a “bull test”.

Over the year’s consignors dropped out to pursue other avenues to market their bulls and newer breeders joined. From the initial 12 founding breeders there is only one, DH Registered Angus, that has remained with the group for all 25 years. The group now has 5 breeders: DH Registered Angus, Chinook; C Bar Angus, Malta; North Fork Angus, Chinook; 4 Butte Cattle (Bryan Pike), Cleveland and Top Notch Angus, Chinook.

From the beginning the goal of the breeders was to work together to provide the customer with the best genetics in Northcentral Montana. That goal has not changed in the past 25 years and the Milk River Angus Sale is still

“Your source for bulls on the Hi-Line”

25th Annual Production Sale

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bear Paw Livestock in Chinook, MT


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