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Friede Family

North Fork Angus began growing a registered angus herd in 2001 with several starter cows that we purchased from a good friend, mentor and neighbor, Ede Brietmiere – a highly regarded breeder of Black Angus Cattle.  Over the past 18 years we have slowly grown our herd to 120 registered black angus cows with a strong emphasis placed on the mother cow.  Having a relatively small herd requires us to focus our sire selection that will help maintain the ideals we expect from moderate-sized, highly productive cows.  Our herd sire selection is centered around proven females that demonstrate longevity, solid foot structure, functional udders, mothering ability and fertility.  We strive to maintain consistency in our breeding program which in turn has produced a consistently sized cow herd with no surprises.   Our ranch is in the Milk River Valley along the hi-line in North Central Montana, as well as north, closer to the Canadian border.  Our cattle thrive despite harsh weather changes, a shorter growing season, and relatively long winters. We have proudly sold bulls with the Milk River Angus Association for the past 15 years.  Our door is always open, so please feel free to stop by and let us show you our cows.

Herd Sires

Ideal 4223 – We AI our heifers to 4223. He is a proven calving ease sire whose calves are moderate in frame and extremely correct with excellent feet and legs. His calves are very consistent and have been trouble free. Our 4223 daughters bred up on their first cycle. We are incredibly happy with what we have seen so far with the use of this sire.
DDA Cooper 135U – This is our first set of calves from Cooper that we our offering for sale and our first set of replacement heifers that we are currently backgrounding. Cooper is a forage-only developed bull with an outstanding set of females behind him.
CAR Remarkable 640 – We are extremely pleased with 640’s daughters. Their feet, udders, size, fertility and mothering ability are all outstanding. The sons have displayed exceptionally good growth and performance. CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO.









Herd Dams

Two-year old NF cow with her bull calf
859 Dam to DDA Cooper 135U
769 dam to CAR Remarkable 640