Dale Hofeldt
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Loyd, MT 59535

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The DH Ranch


Thank you for taking an interest in my Angus herd. I am Dale Hofeldt, the owner of DH Angus.

I learned how to AI at age 24 when we were artificial inseminating our commercial heifers. When Rudolph Brothers had their dispersion sale in 1987, I bought four cows and started in the purebred business, not so much to make it my business but to experiment with different herd sires. Being involved in the commercial business, I wanted to see what would work in our herd. I was looking for consistency, disposition, feet, udder, performance, and carcass.  It is easier said than done.

Typical Environment for DH Cow Herd

Now 34 years later, I have 70 registered cows and my herd sires come out of a nitrogen tank. Only the calves sired by AI are kept in the herd. All the natural service calves are sold commercially.

I have been with the Milk River Angus Bull Sale from the beginning and 2022 will be 26 years.

Thanks again for your interest. God Bless!   Dale

Black Granite Daughter

Coneally Amazing Daughter

BUBs Southern Charm 2 Year Old Replacements Females


Sires of 2022 Sale Bulls

BUBs Southern Charm REG: AAA 17853196

Ideal Encore of Lady 9524 REG: AAA 18243464