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Our purpose is to provide a well rounded group of sires for our potential buyers  to be able to fit into their personal programs.

Just a brief history of Christofferson Farms


The Home Place

Grandpa Harold Christofferson came from Norway and homesteaded in 1908 on 320 acres. Harold’s youngest son Artt and his mom Ovedia carried on the farm until Ovedia retired in the early 1960’s.  Artt bought his first Black Angus cow in 1962 from N BAR ranch at Grass Range.  Artt (Joan) participated in the original Milk River bull sales in the 1960’s several times winning the Grand Champion several times,  going against Rudolph Brothers, Stevenson’s and many more.



Bruce Christofferson Family
Ross Christofferson Family

The 3rd Generation (Ross and Bruce) bought bred heifers  purchased  from GDAR in 1991 with others added along the way. We have an Angus Registered herd of 250 head and a commercial herd of another 150 head. We purchased 60 commercial cows from Rice Ranches south of Three Forks when they had their dispersion. Rice Ranch’s  produced commercial bulls for 20 plus years in the Three Forks area. We use them as Recip cows from the embryos produced at Milk River genetics.

Montana Rita 6099 – Click picture to view her video


The 4th generation (Tom) who is the son of Ross, recently  purchased Montana Rita 6099. She is a deep, powerful young  cow from one of the top flushes ever at Montana Ranch. Rita 6099 blends the balanced trait sire,  Payweight 1682 with Rita 8H17 whose progeny sales total more than $300,000 dollars. We are expecting great things from her. She has progeny of 2 WR @ 110 ratios in her brief career.



SA Miss Freedom 218-33A

A future donor cow we just purchased from Musgrave Angus in Illinois

Our Sire Groups for the 2023 Milk River Sale include :

Ellingston Three Rivers 8062, Mill Brae Benchmark 9016, Mohnen Bandolier, Square B True North 8052, and Poss Rawhide 9513.

Ellingston Three Rivers 8062 AAA #19203618 • The breed leader for weaning and yearling growth! • He sires big bodied, stout made, high performing cattle. • His first sons were a highlight of the 2021 Ellingson Angus Sale.

Mill Brae Benchmark 9016 AAA #19503604 • Mill Brae Benchmark 9016, the Confidence Plus son of the Montana Ranch second generation Pathfinder Dam Mill Brae FP Joanie 3063 that stacks the famous Pathfinder Sires Final Product and Final Answer, began his semen production career at ORIgen in the spring of 2020 in preparation for the 2021 ORIgen Sire Directory for his owners at Montana Ranch and Mill Brae Ranch who were joined by Kelly Schaff in the early summer of 2020. • Benchmark bred cows and heifers in the summer of 2020 in the pasture for his newest owner Kelly Schaff in the famous S A V herd near St. Anthony, North Dakota and continued fall Service for Montana Ranch in Northwestern Montana

Mohnen Bandolier AAA #19771888 His calving ease herd bull presence, his flawless phenotype, massive hip, sound feet, and strong maternal traits make him a true herd bull. His mother comes from the best flush of sisters in Mohnen Angus history, Mohnen Crown Royal 316 x Mohnen Jilt 1655. His mother, Jilt 1402, is big bodied, perfect footed, impeccable udder, and a front end pasture cow that does it year in and year out. She has as strong of ratios of any cow in the herd with high maternal characteristics. BR 7/96 WR 7/103 IMF 4/124. Jilt 1655 ratios are WR 4/107 YR 4/104 and has more daughters retained in our herd than any other cow in the History of Mohnen Angus. His first sons sold in the 2023 Mohnen angus bull sale . Mohnen Hollywood $125,000 to Voss and Mohnen Bandolier 812 for $30,000 to DBL , Inc.

Square B True North 8052 AAA # 19405246 Phenotypic standout with an outstanding overall maternal data package Top end $Maternal and $Energy indexes backed by strong Docility, Foot Quality and Hair Shedding EPDs combined with reduced mature size A fan favorite on display both at the National Western and at ORIgen – wide based and stout made bull with excellent muscle shape and substance His daughters look to be the real deal – moderate, slick haired and easy fleshing with an outstanding maternal design Maternal brother to Confidence Plus that offers one of the most versatile and broadly appealing packages that we’ve seen in many years.

Poss Rawhide 9513 AAA # 19416968
Rawhide is a rare individual who is already known by name for his unique Angus phenotype and foot quality. His authentic blend of presence, calving ease and superior performance is tough to rival. His sire combined with the backing of a lead donor at Poss Angus, Rawhide is the result of masterful mating. His dam captured the top weaning weight among her calf crop and is now one of the $C leaders within the Poss herd. Rawhide’s genetic excellence, index merit and attractive design fuses together to create a sire built for a stockman. Use Rawhide to move your herd in a positive direction for many traits.
Door cow for Lots 33, 35 – Full sister to Dam of Lots 34, 36, 37
Coleman Abigale 9136 AAA # 19539772 Renown 3436/Paxton730P Donor cow for Lots 33,35 Full sister to Dam of Lots 34, 36, 37 Coleman Abigale is sired by the popular Genex proven sire SAV Renown 3436. Her dam is the Pathfinder Dam Coleman Abigale 0277 is a full sister the Pathfinder Sire Coleman Charlo 0256 who has impacted sales across the land. “0277” has tremendous in herd ratios, starting with birth ratio 5@95, nursing ratio of 5@108 and yearling ratio of 5@106. This being said “0277” her donor dam, is a ideal Angus cow. Her kind is the reason the “Angus Cow” became so popular with her massive amount of rib shape and body, extreme length of body, along with a perfect udder, loaded with style and eye appeal.

Natural sires include:

Musgrave 316 Explosion who is part of the Origen Lineup, Musgrave 316 Dynamite, Montana End Zone 7248, Montana Sensation 8021, Sitz Logo 9759 – REG: AAA 19673761 (click here for video) and Mohnen Raindance 7089 REG: AAA 19727110 (click here for video). Newly purchased this year are Mohnen Growth Fund 6180 and Mohnen Guarantee.

Musgrave 316 Explosion – Reg: AAA 18874028 – Click picture to view video

Montana End Zone 7248 – REG: AAA 18885911 – Click picture to view video

Montana Sensation 8021 – Reg: AAA 19125945

Mohnen Guarantee – Reg: AAA 20021353
Mohnen Growth Fund 6180 – Reg: AAA 20038226


In the fall we also have a great offering of Commercial Heifers.

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